laptop with cyber security threat from ransomware email

President Trump Sets New Standards for Cybersecurity


Paul H. LuehrPartner – Faegre Baker Daniels
Frank S. SwainPartner – Faegre Baker Daniels

Thomas J. Posey, Partner
Faegre Baker Daniels LLP
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Faegre Baker Daniels

Faegre Baker Daniels is dedicated to serving the legal needs of regional, national and international businesses. From offices in the United States, United Kingdom and China, our more than 750 legal and consulting professionals provide the depth and breadth of expertise necessary to solve complex business challenges. With roots dating back to 1863, we are one of the 75 largest law firms headquartered in the U.S.

As part of the global business community, we recognize that optimal results are driven by a spirit of collaboration and a team approach to service. With that understanding, we collaborate with clients — and each other — every day to handle the complex transactions, regulatory matters and litigation that businesses face. We partner with clients ranging from emerging startups to multinational corporations in more than 85 practice areas and industry segments, providing advice uniquely suited to each company's individual needs.

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