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Our Converge blog assists over 5,000 hospitality and travel risk management professionals each month, offering industry news, analyses, and solutions. Because of the versatile format, we accept submissions ranging from short blog posts to infographics to white papers; any articles, infographics, alerts, etc, your team submits will be published with a full author’s profile and firm branding.

Alliances may also publish helpful and informative content in our newsletter, (published twice a month), reaching 40,000 hospitality industry executives and 20,000 corporate executives involved in travel risk management. In addition to the publishing opportunities, we also offer alliances a wide range of ad placement options, which are included at varying degrees in our alliance packages at no additional cost.


We operate several popular online directories, including our comprehensive Find-A-Law Firm and Find-A-Lawyer Directories. These directories enable potential hotel, restaurant and travel clients to find your firm as well as individual attorneys with special expertise, all inclusive of your alliance with us.

Simply click here to see one of our comprehensive Find-A-Law Firm Directory Listings

We’re here as a resource to you and are offering your firm the opportunity to take us for a test drive (with no commitment) by submitting a white paper, original article or infographic to marilyn@hospitalitylawyer.com. Over the course of a few weeks will push your submission and firm out via all of our platforms and then follow-up with a detailed report of the value delivered. We can then discuss the possibilities of working together in a broader, mutually-beneficial manner.

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